Clackamas County census finds 2,000+ homeless or inadequately housed

KATU File Photo.

A brand-new census from Clackamas County shows more than 2,000 residents are either homeless or have inadequate housing.

That includes almost 1,300 kids and more than 50 military veterans.

Another 1,300 were "unstably housed," meaning they're living with friends or family due to economic hardship.

County officials say there are likely several factors to what adds up to a more than 4-percent growth.

  • Housing costs have gone up 28 percent, but wages are not rising, especially among the lowest-income workers.
  • The count was in January when bad weather may have driven more homeless into areas where they'd be counted.
  • And population growth countywide may be driving up housing demand and driving out people living on the edge of poverty.
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