Clark County teens defend Twitter 'confession' page

Clark County teenagers are coming to the defense of a popular "confession" Twitter account.

KATU first broke the story about "Clark County Fession." On the page are hundreds of anonymous "confessions." Most are graphic and sexual in nature. Parents have been concerned, but in typical teenage fashion, area high schoolers don't think the tweets are that big of a deal. Several teens expressed their opinion in a Twitter chat with KATU's Lincoln Graves.

@princesskierrra Saw your tweet about @ClarkFession. Looks like most kids agree with you. What do you say to parents who are shocked?

Lincoln Graves (@LincolnGraves) February 12, 2014

@princesskierra responsed: "I don't know, if they think their kids head is in a good place it shouldn't be a problem. It's mainly just entertainment."

Here's another exchange with Twitter user @AleeshaHunt.

@AleeshaHunt I think we get it. Teens like it, it's entertainment. But some parents/administrators are shocked. Your response to them?

Lincoln Graves (@LincolnGraves) February 12, 2014

@AleeshaHunt Have your parents seen it?

Lincoln Graves (@LincolnGraves) February 12, 2014

@LincolnGraves I told my mom about it and my dad. They say its not right but people need to control there teens.

AleeshriaPeeshria (@AleeshaHunt) February 12, 2014

@LincolnGraves it shows how much parents really monitor there teens and what they do.

AleeshriaPeeshria (@AleeshaHunt) February 12, 2014

@LincolnGraves then asked: "How much of what's posted do you think is complete BS?

@LincolnGraves Oh I think that a good half of it is fake . but in today's society you never know. People are scandalous.

AleeshriaPeeshria (@AleeshaHunt) February 12, 2014

Not all Clark County teens are in support of the Twitter confession account.

@KevinXCIV wrote this about the anonymous nature of @ClarkFession: "It might be anonymous" but they say which school it came from, makes everyone at that school look bad. Not cool."

While several teens thought the confession posts were innocent fun, must agreed that it's up to parents to monitor the online behavior of their kids.