Climber's sister tells KATU: "He knows what to do"

"He has a very strong faith," says Cherie Goetz, the sister of Kinley Adams who has been missing on Mount Hood since Saturday. "I know that will get him through. He knows what to do to hunker in there"

Goetz spoke with KATU by phone Monday night as she sat surrounded by family.

"I picked up his sons at the airport and we're trying to decide if we should go up to the mountain," she says. "The longer he is missing, the harder it is to just sit here and wait. It's very hard to wait, really hard.

"We're hanging on to the fact that if that woman could do it, he can do it."

She's referring to Mary Owen, who was trapped up there for six days before being rescued.

"He's got a good head," Goetz says.

And she should know.

Just a couple of years younger than Kinley, she has spent much of her adult life working for him. He's a dentist. She is his dental assistant.

"I can't tell you how much fun we have together," she says. "Sometimes, we'll be in the office and people won't know we're related and they'll hear us giving each other a hard time and they'll be like, 'Whoaaa.' That's why I try to make sure people know we're brother and sister."

Goetz says that she first started working for her brother when he was getting ready to take his licensing examines.

"He really loves helping people, working with people, making them better," she says. "It's such a thrill seeing him with his patients. I have so much respect for him."

Goetz says that her brother recently started helping out at the local Boys and Girls Club once a month and convinced her to join him.

"He loves doing things for people and this is an example of that," she says. "This is a chance to work with people, to help people with no insurance, people who can't afford to get care."

Goetz says the chance to work with the Boys and Girls Club came at just the right time.

"He had hired a second dentist to work with him, which allowed him to start taking Fridays off," she says. "It's been giving him a chance to get out and do even more."

Goetz says her brother has always been the athletic type, someone who enjoys the outdoors.

"He really just loves it, being outside, climbing, rock climbing, mountain climbing, ice climbing," she says. "He gets a thrill being outside.

"He used to do Hood to Coast until injuring his knee. Now's he always biking and climbing. It used to be with his sons but now that they're grown up and moved away, he's been climbing with his wife. He also works as a ski patrolman at Hoodoo."

She says that love has led him to climb many of the areas highest peaks - McKinley, Sisters, Rainier, Half Dome and, of course, Hood. At their office he has filled the walls with pictures of the peaks he has climbed along with the dates.

"That's one of the things that has us so concerned. He's done this climb before. It's not hard for him, not all that difficult. And that we haven't heard from him, that's what has us concerned. I just fear he must be hurt somewhere."

She pauses.

"I have a lot of faith in his abilities," she finally says. "He has a strong medical background. He's smart. I know he knows what to do. And I pray that will be enough."