Coast Guard helicopter crew rescues injured logger

FOREST GROVE, Ore. A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter hoisted an injured logger from the Gales Creek area of Washington County and delivered the man to a Portland hospital early Monday morning.

A tree rolled down a hill and into the logger, breaking both of his legs, according to Chris Woodford with Forest Grove Fire and Rescue.

The man was about 400 feet down a steep ravine off a logging road. Firefighters reached him and treated his injuries until the helicopter arrived.

Intern firefighter and paramedic Trevor Storms was with the crew that reached the logger. Storms helped treat the injured man for two hours and rode with him in the helicopter to the hospital, Woodford said.

A Coast Guard spokesman, Petty Officer 3rd Class Nate Littlejohn, said the helicopter was called in because emergency vehicles couldn't get to the site in rough terrain.

The helicopter lowered a rescue swimmer with a basket to lift the injured logger. His name has not been released.

Video from the U.S. Coast Guard