Cogen, Manhas emails, texts reveal talk about sex, drug use

PORTLAND, Ore. - Emails and text messages between former Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen and former county employee Sonia Manhas reveal intimate details about the couple's affair and the state investigation that followed.

Many of the emails and texts talked about sex and drug use and several pointed out the closeness of their relationship and the tension that developed.

"2 weeks ago ago you were telling me that you were about to talk to Lisa about making more time for us and then days later you're on TV telling the world I was a stupid mistake and you only love your wife," Manhas wrote to him at one point.

"It really upsets me that every time you get upset you immediately threaten me," Cogen texted her in another conversation.

During another text conversation, he confessed: "Sonia. Look I'm drunk and exhausted and it's hard for me to have a meaningful conversation by text."

The texts were included in an un-redacted version of the report issued recently by the state attorney general's office. Another tidbit previously undisclosed - that Cogen kept Manhas's contact information in his phone under the name "Joan."

There are dozens of emails, texts and information from interviews that talk about drug use dating back to spring of 2012.

Here are some excerpts from the documents KATU News received. Some of them are more time specific than others.

During that spring, Cogen told Manhas he used drugs other than marijuana the weekend of his Bar Mitzvah.

On May 11, 2012, Cogen told Manhas he used marijuana and went to the St. John's parade.

On Sept. 27, 2012, Cogen told Manhas he used other controlled substances while at a concert.

In December, friends left Cogen ecstasy, and he took it to a beach trip with Manhas.

On June 16, 2013 Cogen told Manhas he used marijuana and went to the gay pride parade. On the nineteenth, Cogen told Manhas he used marijuana and went to the Good in the Hood Parade.

Then, after the affair was discovered there were a series of texts between Cogen and Manhas.

Manhas, who was listed as 'Joan' in Cogen's contacts, wrote on July 21: "Your unwillingness to hear me out is an incredible betrayal."

Cogen replied: "I will not sell you out, I will tell the truth. You didn't get your promotion because of me."

On July 24, Manhas told Cogen, "I will not lie for you I care for you but your lying is out of control."

On July 27 she texted: "I know you have to say whatever u can to salvage a career and marriage but please I have to believe the two years were real."

KATU News is poring over the 119 pages of documents it received Tuesday and will have more about them tonight at 11.