Commissioner Novick: 'If the Oregonian wants to trash-talk, let's trash-talk'

PORTLAND, Ore. - Commissioner Steve Novick posted a blistering attack of the Oregonian on his official website on Tuesday.

Inspired by Richard Sherman' s now-infamous interview after the Seattle Seahawks' victory on Sunday - as well as some recent stories by the paper's editorial board - Novick said the Oregonian has "repeatedly crossed the line between criticism and contempt."

In the post, titled "Going Richard Sherman on the Oregonian," Novick attacks the paper's recently reduced delivery schedule and layoffs.

"You want to talk about mediocre? A paper that only delivers four times a week, now that's mediocre," Novick writes. "You want to question our commitment to jobs? Seriously? The paper that specializes in firing people ."

Novick also goes after owner Newhouse's "economic idiocy," writing "we're not going to be bullied by some sorry Orange County right-wing publisher."

He closes by writing: "Lions don't concern themselves with the opinions of sheep."