Computer glitch gives false hope to nursing school applicants

PORTLAND, Ore. - Some Portland Community College hopefuls got into nursing school for 24 hours, but then the school took back its offer.

The school says an "unfortunate" computer glitch caused a big mess.

The affected students were already stressed out from applying and waiting for an answer.

It turns out 27 people who thought they were starting nursing school later this year need to be thinking about other plans.

About 700 people applied to nursing school at PCC's Sylvania campus this year. Last week, 80 of them got emails congratulating them on making it in. The next day, however, they got another email that explained officials were redoing the admissions process because a computer incorrectly ranked the applicants.

Some students who should have been on the wait list were initially told they got in.

"Right now, I'm just playing the waiting game, because when June 15 rolls around then I can make a decision about my life: if I want to go find a job because I'm going to have to wait another year or if I'm actually going to get in," said one applicant who didn't want his name used for this story.

According to PCC, it should have things sorted out sometime next month.

The program director said she can't guarantee seats but in past years spots have opened up so many students on the wait list end up getting admitted.

The program's director also offered to meet with every student who is affected.