Construction workers nab red-handed bank robbery suspect

PORTLAND, Ore. - The cliche proved true in this bank robbery case: He was caught red-handed.

Police said Frazer Scott Piccolo robbed Bank of the West, 8135 S.E. Division St., just before 11 a.m. Monday. As he got into a cab to leave the area, a dye pack in the money exploded, splattering red paint all over Piccolo's hands.

That's when the suspect dashed out of the cab and started running away in the 7900 block of Southeast Grant Street.

When construction workers spotted him running with red hands, they assumed he'd just robbed a bank, police said. The workers confronted him. Police said Piccolo took a swing at one of them.

"Piccolo missed and the construction worker punched him and knocked him to the ground, where they held him for police," Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson wrote in a news release.

Piccolo, 44, was booked in the Multnomah County Jail on a federal hold with federal bank robbery charges pending.