Family's dog shot in head, left to die on porch

A Corbett family found their beloved dog shot in the head earlier this week on their porch.

The injuries to Victoria Purvine's 5-year-old Cocker Spaniel named Mariah were so bad, the dog had to be put down.

"You could see that it looked like someone had pointed and it had gone through and lodged down," Purvine said of the X-ray that was taken.

Now, the Purvine family is determined to find the shooter.

"You deliberately shot her between the eyes... It's not like this was an accident. You had to have wanted to do that and I don't understand that," Purvine said.

Victoria and her husband, Gary, said they moved out to Corbett for the freedom. Now, with their sense of safety stripped away, they feel like they have to live behind a fence.

"I can't imagine someone went home and got a gun and came back and shot the dog for some reason. I have to assume someone is out here ready to shoot," Purvine said.

Shooting a pet is a felony in Multnomah County. If you have any information, contact Animal Services or the Sheriff's Office.

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