County ready to offer you a 'low, low price' on Sellwood Bridge

PORTLAND, Ore. - For sale. 88-year-old bridge. Heavily used. You-haul.

Multnomah County is putting the old Sellwood Bridge up for sale to the highest bidder.

County spokesman Mike Pullen said the bridge's unique construction - it's the only four-span continuous deck-truss bridge in the state - makes it eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

That means the county has to offer it up to buyers who could preserve it. If no one wants to buy, it will be demolished.

Pullen said the county will offer potential buyers a "low, low price," but the purchase price may be the least of the buyer's financial worries.

"The person who acquires it needs a very big checkbook because they're going to need to move it on their own and prove to us they have a safe plan to do that," Pullen said.

Moving the bridge just 66 feet last year, Pullen said, cost about a million dollars.

Potential buyers also have to worry about the paint job.

"All the steel (on the bridge) is covered in lead paint," Pullen said. Which means it will probably have to be "wrapped in some fashion" before it's moved.

Pullen also said the bridge can probably be cut into smaller sections and still maintain its historical value.

The deadline for submitting your bid to the county is Sept. 12.