Couple celebrates more than 70 years of Valentine's Days

PORTLAND, Ore. - Art and Aileen McNett have been saying "I love you" to each other on Valentine's Day for more than 70 years.

The couple has a morning routine 68 years in the making that never gets old.

"Every morning we get up and look at the calendar (and ask) 'Well, what's gonna be the happy thing today? What's gonna happen?'" Art says.

And on this day of love, the couple remembers the first time Art got the courage to ask Aileen out. They were both students at the University of Oregon in study hall.

Aileen says it took Art a year to ask her out. Art insists it didn't take that long.

"Oh, it was quite a while," Aileen responds.

That special moment centered around a Mounds candy bar.

"There are two bars in here. So I gave her one bar, and I had the other one. After the second one, that was it!" Art says.

Aileen is two years older than Art.

"I robbed the cradle," she says. But at 96 and 94 that really doesn't matter anymore.

So, what's the couple's secret to lasting love?

"We like the same things," Aileen says.

"Just say, 'Yes dear,' Art says to laughter. "You have to be happy. You have to look at the good side and resolve these things (that make) it difficult between the two of you."

And to keep the romance alive, every year Art gives his wife a loving Valentine's Day card. And of course they share a Mounds bar.

It turns out that February is a big month for the McNetts. They celebrate their wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day and both their birthdays.