Couple drives wrong car home: 'Never seen a case like this before'

ONTARIO, Ore., (KBOI) - A vehicle reported to local police as stolen was found several days later by a couple who accidentally took the wrong car from an eastern Oregon grocery store parking lot.

Ontario Police chief Mark Alexander says an elderly driver parked their white 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass at the Red Apple parking lot Sunday evening and left the keys inside.

Sometime later, an elderly couple mistakenly got inside the Cutlass, Alexander said, and took the vehicle home. The owner of the Cutlass, another elderly resident, filed a stolen vehicle report with Ontario PD.

On Wednesday, police received a phone call from employees at the Red Apple grocery store complaining about a white 1993 Chrysler LeBaron that had been left in the parking lot for several days. When officers arrived, they ran the license plate and traced it to the couple.

"When we called them we asked them why their vehicle was left in the parking lot," Alexander said.

The couple told police that their vehicle wasn't at Red Apple, and insisted it was parked at their home. When officers went to the couple's home, however, police realized what had happened.

"It was probably a little embarrassing for them," Alexander said.

Police organized a vehicle exchange. No charges were filed.

"Everyone was just happy to have their cars back," he said. "Never seen a case like this before."