Couple gets married in super style

KEIZER, Ore. -- It may have seemed like a typical Super Bowl party.

There was a veggie tray, chips and dip and the big game showing on the television.

But a few things didn't seem to belong, namely a wedding cake and the couple taking romantic pictures in the back yard.

"All my friends have asked me why, why, why? The only thing I could think of is I had to prove I was serious about it so what better way to do it then on the Super Bowl?" said groom Zach Kirk.

Kirk and Alyssa Scott decided to tie the knot on Super Bowl Sunday.

They started dating five years ago Sunday, after they met in college. Once they got engaged they knew they wanted to get married on their fifth anniversary, Feb. 2.

"I didn't plan it but it is what it is," Scott said.

The world's most popular sporting event wasn't about to hamper their plans. So they recruited a judge, and sealed the deal. All in a ceremony that lasted less than ten minutes.

The quick ceremony gave the best man more than enough time to get out of a stuffy dress shirt so he could show his true Seattle colors.