Couple spends Memorial Day on mission of honor and tradition

PORTLAND, Ore. -- There are well over 100,000 people, many of them military service members, buried in Willamette National Cemetery.

While the gravesites are meticulously catalogued, some families have just a few cryptic notes to locate their relatives.

Nancy Myers and her husband Chris have a small list. They're combing the hillsides using names and descriptions written by Nancy's mother just a few years before she passed away. She was the one who used to visit these graves. Now Nancy is taking on the tradition.

Surveying the view, all those flags flapping in the breeze, start to bring emotions about family and the others buried there to the surface.

"As you get older you think about it more," Myers says. "And certainly at Willamette you think about the sacrifice of all of the military personnel. It's mind boggling."

Nancy and Chris will visit several family graves here, including her father's and a great aunt and uncle -- all those before moving on to find other relatives in another cemetery across town.

Willamette National Cemetery hosts a ceremony every Memorial Day. This year marked the 64th year of that observance.