Couple turns to KATU to help rescue baby raccoons

PORTLAND, Ore. - Rich and Wanda Staley found a couple of sick, orphaned baby raccoons in their Estacada driveway Thursday night.

They knew right away they wanted to save them.

"Doesn't matter if it's a raccoon, dog, cat, deer, or Elk, if it's injured, you try and get some help for it," Rich said.

Rich said he and Wanda tried all morning to find a local shelter or wildlife refuge for the critters, but no one would take them in.

So they brought the raccoons to KATU.

"At this point they're probably not even going to make it on their own," Rich said Friday morning. "They need their mother. They need some food or whatever you've got to do to nourish them up."

KATU helped Rich and Wanda find Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center in south Salem, where they dropped the baby raccoons off Friday afternoon.

A spokeswoman for Turtle Ridge told KATU later that the raccoons were already on the road to recovery and will be released back into the wild, possibly right where they were found - by Rich and Wanda's house.