Cover Oregon announces $1 million ad blitz to raise awareness

DURHAM, Ore. - Cover Oregon announced Wednesday it is spending $1 million more on a new ad campaign to raise awareness about a just announced extension for people to apply for health insurance.

So far Cover Oregon has spent more than $8 million on ads and marketing.

New TV ads started running Wednesday morning. The campaign will also be running in print and on the Web.

The new ads focus on people and their experiences with Cover Oregon.

A Cover Oregon spokeswoman told KATU in an email the ads are designed to let people know they have more time to sign up. Even though the extension goes through April 30, the ads aren't specific about the deadline. They say only that "enrollment ends soon."

In the past, part of the ad budget has also included paying and training spokespeople.

The old ad campaign that ran last year drew a lot of criticism because it never mentioned "health insurance" or gave any information about Cover Oregon.

Watch the ads: Cover Oregon's YouTube channel

Below are two: