Cover Oregon robocalls tell people to get ready to find their own insurance

Harold Stanton filled out all of his Cover Oregon paperwork and even got a call from them to correct a couple things.

"She said 'well, because you have been dropped by your existing carrier, you're going to take precedence,'" he said. "So I'm feeling much more secure at that point in time."

Stanton was notified by Regence BlueCross BlueShield in October that it wouldn't be renewing his health insurance. So he had to rely on Cover Oregon for a plan.

Only now does Stanton realize how flawed the program is.

"To do away with the existing program, but with no real means of giving me protection going forward," he said.

Friday morning, the clincher came.

Stanton got one of those Cover Oregon robocalls. It was bad news saying "If you have not heard from us by Dec. 23, it is unlikely that your application can be processed for Jan. 1 insurance coverage."

Now Harold will have to spend part of his holidays - with help from an agent - trying to track down insurance coverage that's likely to cost him more than his previous plan. He isn't necessarily critical of Gov. Kitzhaber, but thinks if the contractor working on the project - Oracle - wasn't on track to have the system running on time, someone should have been asking questions.

"The governor should have been appraised of the situation," Stanton said. "If he wasn't appraised of the situation, then shame on his aides. And if he was, then shame on him for not listening to his aides"