Crane collapses at Port of Portland's Terminal 4; no one hurt

PORTLAND, Ore. - A crane collapsed at Port of Portland's Terminal Four Saturday morning.

Portland Fire and Rescue Lt. Joseph Troncoso said no one was hurt. A crew was working on demolishing the crane when they heard a "pop" and some other strange noises. A minute later that crane collapsed, Troncoso said.

"It could have been disastrous," said Troncoso.

The crane was old and had been out of use for more than 20 years. A Port of Portland officer told KATU the crane was about 80 feet tall.

"Obviously the method was not as intended," said Port of Portland spokesman Josh Thomas. "The net result was still the same."

Authorities initially thought the workers were trapped, but everyone got away from the collapse safely, Troncoso said.

"The staff here did a great job in recognizing when the equipment failed and getting all of their personnel out of harm's way," said Portland Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Tom Williams.

KATU's Dan Cassuto contributed to this story.