Cyclist hits jogger on trail: 'BAM! He hit me and just kept going'

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A hit-and-run on the Springwater Corridor Trail left jogger Karla Koenig badly hurt, and now a month later she wants to find the cyclist who left her in so much pain.

KATU's Emily Sinovic spoke to the woman who hopes someone saw more of cyclist than she did.

More than 1 million pedestrians, cyclists, skaters and others used the Springwater Corridor Trail every year. Karla jogs and bikes the path with her husband regularly. It was Saturday morning in early March when a man on a bike wearing yellow and black clothing hit her and sped off.

"BAM! He hit me and just kept going," Karla said.

She wasn't wearing headphones and would've heard a signal that a cyclist was passing, but she said when he hit her, the stranger on the bike didn't even slow down.

"His handlebar hit me and his body flipped my hand backwards and twisted my arm and shoulder. I was in pain, and the guy was like gone. Gone. The doctor says it was like getting hit by a baseball bat."

She had surgery to mend a broken bone in her arm that left her with five screws and a metal plate, but more than a month later, she still can't drive, and can't work as a physical therapist assistant and licensed massage therapist.

"It is a hit-and-run. He should be cited. He should be accountable. He should have stopped," she said.