DA clears deputy in deadly McMinnville shooting after traffic stop, releases video

MCMINNVILLE, Ore. - The Yamhill County district attorney found Thursday that a sheriff's deputy was justified in shooting and killing a suspect who had fled a traffic stop.

Deputy Richard Broyles, a 16-year veteran with the sheriff's office, shot 24-year-old Kevin Lamont Judson Wednesday, July 1 after Judson struggled with Broyles and tried to drive away in his patrol car.

District Attorney Bradley Berry used video recorded by a nearby business to help him conclude that Broyles was justified in shooting Judson.

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The shooting happened shortly after another deputy had pulled over a car at the intersection of Highway 99W and Doran Drive at about 7:30 a.m. for an expired tag. The deputy called for backup. When the deputy approached the car, he noticed that Judson was in a "fetal position, under several items, on the back seat." After the man looked at the deputy, he stretched, rolled down the window, jumped out, and fled across the highway, leaving behind a meth pipe, Berry said.

Kevin Lamont Judson

As Broyles arrived on the scene, he saw Judson fleeing, pulled his patrol car into a parking lot, parked it and gave chase on foot.

Berry said during a foot chase the suspect ignored repeated commands to "stop" and "get on the ground." The deputy fired his stun gun, but it failed to stop the suspect.

According to Berry, the video shows the suspect getting into the deputy's patrol car. The two struggled for control of the car; the deputy drew his handgun and continued to order the man to give up. Berry said the suspect tried to put the car into gear. Witnesses said they heard the car's engine rev.

During the struggle for the car, the suspect's hand was near the deputy's loaded AR-15-style rifle, which was mounted in the car, Berry said. The suspect then tried to drive off with the deputy's hand stuck in the door.

Broyles then made the decision to open fire. The first shot hit Judson in the left arm and went into his chest. Broyles managed to free himself from the car as Judson put the car into reverse. Broyles' second shot hit the door jam. The car crashed into an electrical tower. Broyles fired two more times. One bullet hit the passenger's door. The other struck Judson in the head. Judson died at the scene.

"Deputy Broyles at the time he fired his weapon was reasonably in fear for his own life. He too, reasonably believed that to allow Judson to flee in the patrol vehicle, based on all that had transpired, could pose a significant threat to the community," Berry wrote in a press release.

Judson was from Dayton, Oregon.

Broyles was not injured in the incident.

According to court records, in 2011 Judson pleaded guilty to meth possession in Yamhill County. Then he violated his probation.

The McMinnville Police Department said police had "numerous encounters" with Judson.

Watch the videos released by the DA:

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