Da Vinci students rally again against curriculum changes

PORTLAND, Ore. - Students and parents at Da Vinci Arts Middle School in Northeast Portland are not happy, and they held a rally Monday to protest curriculum changes.

The rally was held outside the school during the day and is likely to move to the school board in the evening.

The principal of the school wants to take some of the school day dedicated to language arts and use that time to bump up students' math scores.

A lot of Da Vinci students and parents think it messes up what they think is a well-designed school day.

Monday's protest wasn't the first time the students have protested the move. A couple of weeks ago dozens of them walked out of school at the lunch hour and didn't go back in.

There was a bigger crowd Monday. It was a bit more of a party atmosphere, with pizza and ice cream. But the point was the same: we like what we have, leave it alone.

"With the special connection, it helps us succeed in school," said sixth-grader Ella Yeigh. "And we want to come out here to show the teachers and the staff that we care, and that our core is important to us."

Parents want the principal to wait another school year before making the change.

They'll take their concerns to the Portland school district meeting Monday night.