Dangerous fallen tree in Clackamas River to be removed Tuesday

NEAR CARVER, Ore. - A fallen tree in the Clackamas River that nearly killed a man on Saturday will soon be removed.

Sgt. Robert Wurpes with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office said crews will get the tree out of the river Tuesday morning.

The tree is lying across the river near where Highway 224 meets Southeast Tong Road near Carver. Neighbors said it fell during the winter.

On Saturday, two cousins rescued a man after they saw him trapped on the tree. They cut a rope from around his neck and pulled him to the riverbank. He had some temporary paralysis in his arm, but was expected to be fine.

In May, a girl nearly drowned after her raft was caught on the tree.

Neighbors said there have been many more injuries and close calls.

"It also causes massive injuries as well. If you go down there you can see popped tubes everywhere," said Beth Henry. "It's taken weeks to get anybody to come out there and really pay attention to it. Unfortunately another guy had to come out and be a victim until they came out to deal with it."

Sheriff's deputies used a saw to cut part of the tree on Saturday. They're scheduled to remove the tree at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

The State Marine Board must approve the removal.

Last week, Nate Thompson with Clackamas County Marine Patrol told KATU that the tree was dangerous and rafters needed to be extra careful.

"Current like this, water this strong, there is a likelihood that this is strong enough to even hold somebody wearing a life jacket under if they get trapped underneath this log," said Nate Thompson in an interview last week.

"I'm really happy to hear that they're taking it out there. And hopefully it will take the problems away," said Henry.

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