Dead and dying pigs found in raid on abandoned Washington farm

ROY, Wash. -- Animal Control officers confiscated seven dead pigs and a host of sick animals during a Friday afternoon raid on a recently abandoned Roy farm.

The farm has been a source of complaints by neighbors for years.

Nearly every Animal Control officer on duty in Pierce County showed up at the farm, which is located in the 100 block of 394th Street South near Roy. They found a variety of animals in horrid conditions, including several that were near starvation.

"They were severely emaciated in deplorable conditions," said Brian Bowman, the on-scene supervisor for Pierce County Animal Control. "We found no food present, no water present."

Bowman said the only source of water for the animals appeared to be rainwater.

Officers confiscated 16 pigs, two steers, a bull, a horse, a dog and several cats. All the animals will be held at a contractor's farm for evidence.

A necropsy will be performed on the seven dead pigs.

Officers were not able to enter the single-story home on the property, where more animals are believed to be inside.

Neighbors had complained about farm's owner for years and his alleged practice of letting animals roam freely to scavenge for food.

"His pigs where down there attacking my chickens and eating them," said neighbor Gina Deaton.

She says she's had to resort of rural justice in some cases.

"I just shoot'em and lay them at his doorstep," she said. "I didn't want to steal them but I want them to stop tearing up my property and eating my animals."

Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson, who's office oversees the department of Animal Control, said the farm's owner has been on their radar for a while.

"It's serial behavior," Anderson said. "Is this going to stop? That's why we are out here today and we are feeling pretty optimistic we can build a case."

Anderson said an arrest warrant has been issued for the farm's owner on an unrelated incident of non compliance with a dangerous dog.