Deputies arrest man they believe burglarized eight homes in a week

PORTLAND, Ore. - Washington County sheriff's deputies arrested a man on Friday who they believe burglarized at least eight homes in a week.

Joseph Dwight Daniel, 41, was charged with first-degree burglary, first-degree theft and first-degree criminal mischief.

There had already been six burglaries in six days in the neighborhood when deputies responded to a burglary call just after noon Friday in the 5800 block of SW 209th Ave.

The homeowners had come home to find their front door open, their house ransacked and some of their things missing.

Deputies had a description of the suspect from other victims in some of the other burglaries, who saw him. They also believed the man was traveling by bike.

As they were investigating the burglary, a deputy saw a man fitting the description on a bicycle near the home. He talked to Daniel and found what appeared to be stolen property.

As all this was happening, another deputy found yet another home in the neighborhood that had been broken into. The deputy found the homeowner, who said some of the property connected with Daniel was his.

Daniel was arrested, and deputies found more property they believe is tied to the other burglaries.

Deputies think Daniel arrived in the area around the time the burglaries began.