Desiree Young organizes new search to find her son, Kyron Horman

PORTLAND, Ore. -- It's been just over four years since Kyron Horman disappeared. Although his story has faded somewhat from public view, his mother still grieves constantly.

"It's every single day, every single second," said Desiree Young. "I think about him. I talk to him on the drive to work, whatever I'm doing."

It's easy to see how the pain can be unbearable for Young. But it's also easy to see how it's become a motivator. Young will lead another private search for Kyron this weekend. She organized a similar search effort last year. Both searches have been paid for through Young's fundraising.

"What we're hoping for obviously is evidence that may lead us to Kyron," said Young. "Or evidence that Terri may have left out somewhere."

Although Kyron's former stepmother, Terri Horman, has never been charged in his disappearance, Young is convinced she knows something. She's confident investigators will eventually find the truth. She'd just prefer that Terri Horman came forward with what she knows.

"I'm coming no matter what," said Young. "Law enforcement is coming. You will go to jail no matter what. Give us the peace of mind, give us the answer. It's been four years. It's way too long. Let's wrap this up."

This weekend's search will be focused in the general area of Skyline Elementary. Although the search is private, Young says she's working closely with investigators to protect the integrity of the investigation.

Anyone interested in volunteering can go to