Despite activists' protests, students to continue dissecting cats

MCMINNVILLE, Ore. - Following a McMinnville school board's decision, students will continue to dissect cats in advanced biology classes.

Animal rights groups have voiced opposition to the practice but their complaints were overruled by the school board. Activists said there were other ways to teach the same concepts without using animals.

Antoinette Marcel with the Yamhill County Cat Coalition said she disagrees with the decision.

"Students in McMinnville have been disrespecting cats," she said, claiming students have been mocking their dissection exercises in Facebook posts. "And the board did not even want to address that, didn't want to mention it. I don't find that acceptable," Marcel said.

Marcel told the Willamette Week newspaper that some students traded photos of the cat's bodies and she has some of the pictures.

The issue prompted some of the most vigorous commenting seen so far on the KATU Facebook page, with over 800 comments posted as of Tuesday morning.