Details emerge in case of nurse accused of sexually abusing patients

As lawyers for a former nurse in jail on rape and sex abuse charges argued that his bail should be reduced, the prosecutor in the case laid out in detail the seven attacks he is believed to have carried out.

Jeffrey McAllister is charged with attacking seven different patients in the emergency room of Legacy Emanuel Hospital between October 2009 and February of this year.

"The only way to ensure that this case moves forward to trial and to ensure the safety of the victims and the public is by keeping defendant in custody," Deputy District Attorney Amity Girt told the court.

Girt filed a memo in the case outlining the seven attacks and included details on two others - one that happened in 2006 that falls outside the statute of limitations and one that happened in April in which no charges have been filed.

Each of the seven victims describe McAllister waiting until they were alone before he would touch them in what the prosecutor describes as "a non-medical way."

One victim told detectives that McAllister "began the process of climbing on top of her hospital bed, straddling her."

Another victim told officers how "he provided heavy pain medication to her" and then fondled her.

The prosecutor also writes about how, in several instances, Portland Police took months to respond.

Additionally, according to the memo, the majority of the victims complained to nurses or officials at Legacy only to find they were not believed. One victim was told by another nurse to whom she had complained that McAllister "would never do anything like that."

As for the two other incidents for which McAllister is not charged - the first one happened in October 2010, according to the prosecutor. The victim complained that McAllister had said he wanted to crawl into bed with her. He denied having made the remark.

The second one happened this April.

The victim complained that McAllister had "hit on her" and complimented her nipples. She told detectives that she had been flattered and allowed him to lift her shirt. She then traded oral sex for pain medication.

After his arrest, she came forward.

The lawyer for McAllister - a former police officer in Beaverton and Seaside - filed a memo attacking the credibility of his client's accusers, listing their criminal records, among other details.

In the end, the judge reduced McAllister's bail to $2.2 million from $2.8 million.

As of Thursday night, he remained behind bars.