Details in alleged plot to kill Kyron Horman's father

A landscaper claims that Terri Horman tried to hire him to kill her husband and have it made to look like a mugging, according to court papers in the case obtained by KATU.

The papers were filed in the divorce case being fought between Terri and her estranged husband, Kaine.

The couple is better known as the father and stepmother of Kyron Horman, a child who disappeared from Skyline Elementary in June 2010. Law enforcement officials have not found any witnesses who saw the child after he was seen with Terri who had brought him to school that day.

The landscaper, Rodolfo Sanchez claims in a deposition taken last month that:

Terri hired him to perform landscaping work in 2008;

Kaine was never told that Sanchez was doing the work;

Terri had been contemplating divorcing Kaine for many months;

Five months before Kyron disappeared, Terri asked Sanchez to a restaurant. She had Kiara, the daughter she and Kaine had, with her. She told Sanchez that Kaine was abusive and asked for his help finding someone to "get rid of" Kaine;

When he asked why, Terri allegedly told him that unless she got rid of Kaine, he would take Kiara from her;

Terri said that Kaine always carried $10,000 with him and a computer and the murder could be made to look like a mugging;

Sanchez said he told Terri that it was an offer that he could refuse.

The divorce case between the Hormans has been slowly moving through the system and was on hold for many months as the criminal investigation into the disappearance of Kyron took precedence.

A hearing to discuss a recent attempt by Terri to obtain temporary custody of Kiara will be held later this month.

Kaine has been fighting that attempt and his lawyers argue the Sanchez testimony establishes the risk presented by Terri.

After Kyron's disappearance, Sanchez told law enforcement about his earlier interactions with Terri. When law enforcement officials informed Kaine of what they had learned, he and Kiara left their home, he filed for divorce and obtained an order of protection.

A request for comment from Terri's legal team has so far gone unanswered.