Detectives still searching for person of interest in deadly Vancouver shooting

Vancouver double shooting (KATU News photo)

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Police are still working to find a person of interest wanted for shooting and killing two men in an East Vancouver neighborhood Sunday.

The reports of gunfire came in around 5:15 p.m. on NE 140th Avenue near NE 15th Street. Arriving officers found two men deceased at a home.

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"There was nothing. It was complete silence until a handful of gun shots and then when I went into the back it was just the car revving its engine, speeding off," neighbor Ben Woodke said.

Detectives said they have a person of interest in the case, but they haven't made any arrests. They added that they think both victims knew their shooter. Police have located a car that matches the suspected shooter's car, and it has been taken tot he Police Major Crimes Unit for processing.

"Today we were able to recover a vehicle that was matching the description of the vehicle that was seen leaving the area after the shooting. We have not positively identified either of the victims. But we do believe that the victims and the suspect were known to each other," Kim Kapp with Vancouver Police said.

Because they're still looking for a suspect, police wouldn't reveal where they found the car. Neither of the victims were carrying any sort of identification when they were killed, which slowed the investigation into who they are and why they might have been killed.

Michele Rance saw investigators still working the scene Monday morning, and she told a detective what little she knew about the shooting.

"He said that, you know, the bodies were still out there. That they hadn't had the medical people come and get them yet because they had to preserve as much as they could. So it's scary knowing there were bodies right outside my door," she said.

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