Detectives: Thieves hack into pumps to steal gas

TOUTLE, Wash. - Detectives in Cowlitz County are looking for thieves who stole gas from a Toutle gas station using keys and a list of codes to get into the pumps.

Gas station owner Greg Drew didn't think something like that could happen until he saw it on his station's surveillance video.

"It took a while to register because we've never had anything like this happen. And I didn't think it could happen," Drew said.

"It really bothered me. I had no idea that's a generic code to get into it and program the pump."

Cowlitz County detectives don't know where the suspects got the keys or the codes to steal the gas. Drew said they stole about $300 worth of fuel.

"He put super in his truck. He put plus in all his containers," said Drew.

The surveillance video shows the two suspects pretended their truck had broken down when another driver pulled in to the gas station.

The video could not pick up the truck's license plate. Detectives say it's a dark-colored Ford or GMC with chrome wheels, a bed cover and custom taillights.

Detectives said the suspects left behind a couple of clear fingerprints on the keypad.

"I think he may have gotten a little sloppy," Drew said.

Drew put in new security codes on his station's pumps but fears other stations could get hit by the thieves.

"He's nothing but a scumbag. He's a dirt bag thief. I want to see him caught," Drew said.