Determined bike thieves casing homes across Lake Oswego

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore- Police in Lake Oswego are dealing with a new type of bike thief, described as much more determined and savvy than the typical kind.

"These people are frighteningly bold when it comes to picking off items they want," said Gordon Haber, the owner of Lakeside Bicycles in Lake Oswego.

He first started noticing the problem a few months ago.

"What we're seeing is what clearly looks like garages that have been pretty thoroughly cased," Haber said.

The bikes are getting stolen from garages all over town. And they aren't just any bikes, Haber says these guys only go after the good stuff.

"The criminals seem to know exactly what they are going for to a surprising degree. Fairly expensive bicycles. They actually leave things like tool boxes and other easily sold items in the garages and go right for the bikes," Haber said.

Lake Oswego Police started working the case and tracked some of the stolen bikes to a pair of Portland apartment buildings.

They say someone living there is reselling the bikes to buyers they are most likely meeting online.

Those buyers probably don't even know they're stolen.

Haber says even the best lock can't stop a determined thief, so he's telling his customers to record the serial numbers on their bike and any high-end components, to consider an insurance policy and take those bikes inside.

"Don't put the bicycle in the garage. If you've got a basement keep it locked in your basement. I know they are large and bulky but a $4,000 bike, if it gets stolen, is gone forever."

Police say they have a few people of interest they are talking to but could also use your help, so call them if you have any information.