Did you get your postcard yet from the city of Portland?

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland's arts tax is back for its second year.

We've heard back from the city of Portland regarding how many people paid the tax in the 2012 tax year; the first for the tax. About 55 percent of people who owed the tax paid, 45 percent did not.

The city also tells KATU that if someone signs on this year to pay the tax, and they did not pay last year, they will be asked to pay $70 for the tax for both years.

The representative from the City Bureau of Revenue did not have information about what will happen to people who do not pay the arts tax.

After you pay the $35 fee on the city's website, you can also send an automatic tweet to your followers on Twitter with a scripted message encouraging them to pay the tax online as well.

This is the second year the city has charged citizens the arts tax after it was approved in November 2012 by voters to fund art and music education in public schools.

The tax is $35 for every adult 18 and older earning at least $1,000 per year.

Reminder postcards about this year's tax started showing up in mailboxes within the last few days, including mailboxes for families like Max and Jennifer Margolis.

Their daughter, Molly, is a kindergartner at Vestal Elementary in Northeast Portland.

"We pay the tax and we still don't have an arts teacher," said Max Margolis. "It's frustrating."

According to the city's website, funds from last year's tax helped pay for 70 new art and music teachers at schools throughout Portland.

The tax is collected unusually, however, because it requires taxpayers to calculate how much they owe and pay it online themselves after reminder postcards are mailed.

"I don't think a postcard is a very good way to tell people to pay it," said Max's wife, Jennifer. "It's easy not to see it in the mail."