Disabled dog finds new home after hit by motorcycle

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A dog that was hit by a motorcycle and left for dead on the side of the road in Costa Rica has a new home in Vancouver.

Papillo survived that initial accident but he was left paralyzed. Some Portland veterinarians heard about the animal's plight and had him flown here for treatment. After being fitted with a doggy wheelchair, Papillo was ready for a new home.

Jeffrey Evans and Michael Allen of Vancouver turned out to be the perfect fit. The couple already has seven disabled dogs and felt they could take in Papillo.

"He's definitely nervous when he doesn't have his cart," said Evans, explaining some of Papillo's personality quirks.

Papillo's attitude improves when his hind legs are strapped into the wheels. He's also fitting in well with his canine family. It's a family made up of dogs with disabilities.

"It just breaks our heart that they would be in a shelter or to not receive the best medical care they can get," said Evans.

Evans and Allen admit they open themselves up to criticism. They're sometimes accused of going too far for an animal when it's time to let go. But they say they always seek the advice of veterinarians.

"We want the straight answer," said Allen. "If the dog is in pain, if the dog is suffering, if the medicine isn't working anymore, or if they are uncomfortable. We don't ever take them to the point where they're suffering."

Still, Jeff and Michael say they've likely reached their limit with the number of dogs they have.