Disabled woman's stolen wheelchair ramp rebuilt by KATU viewer

PORTLAND, Ore. - There's a happy update to a story we first brought you last week on KATU, when a Northeast Portland woman's wheelchair ramp was stolen right from under her front door.

But a local contractor saw that story, and Norma Cakebread has her freedom back.

We spent nearly three hours with Josh Dailey of Artisan Results Corp. while he and his worker Brandon cheerfully built the ramp on Norma's front stoop.

Dailey acted like it was any other job for him.

But it's not, because Dailey saw our story on Norma's stolen wheelchair ramp, and came to her.

"She's a really nice lady," he said, adding that she reminds him of his own grandma.

"I think all of us want to do something good and for the community, but a lot of us don't act and this was a great time to act."

The old ramp was made of aluminum, and light enough to carry away. The one Dailey built is much larger and made of cedar.

He built it flush with the front door so Norma doesn't have to do any stepping down.

The best part: Dailey wouldn't take a penny of the $500 he'd normally charge.

"This is great, fantastic!" Cakebread said.

She told KATU last week she and her son Jose couldn't afford a new ramp, and she'd just stay inside without one.

But that wouldn't be the case.

We watched Jose push Norma in her wheelchair out into the sun.

"It's so hard sometimes to think other people would do such things ... and it's fantastic," she said.

Cakebread said she's most excited to go grocery shopping.