District attorney still deciding on charges in grandmother's death

GRESHAM, Ore. -- Ask anyone who knew Peggy Jennen well, and they'll say she was full of life and devoted to her family.

Peggy's sister Rita Spicer saw that devotion first hand, saying their bond grew even stronger after their other sister passed away a few years ago.

"Then it was just Peggy and I. We were saying it's just you and me now. We were the only two left in the family so that made us closer," Spicer said.

Rita and Peggy spent a lot of time together; in fact, Rita saw Peggy the day she died. She came by to drop off her car before a business trip to Bend.

Peggy was supposed to pick up the car the next morning.

"Come to find out Thursday morning when I got a call from my niece that it was my sister. I just don't know how I am going to go on without her," Spicer said.

Turns out Peggy died just a block away from Rita's home, after she somehow fell out of a car driven by her best friend Lisa Wilson.

Police say Wilson was driving drunk. She was arrested but later released.

The district attorney's office says they are still investigating the case, and will decide soon whether to press charges.

Wilson has declined KATU's interview requests.