District: Evergreen Public Schools bus driver resigns for personal reasons

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A school bus driver for Evergreen Public Schools has resigned.

The district temporarily suspended the driver while it investigated reports that she wouldn't let kids open windows in last week's hot weather.

Parents complained their kids came home hot and sweating. The district spokeswoman, Gail Spolar, said bus drivers are supposed to preset windows before elementary school kids get on a bus.

The spokeswoman said the driver resigned Monday, May 19 for personal reasons.

"It is our belief that our drivers are trained, and do, nearly 100 percent of the time, operate their vehicles in a manner that is safe and healthy for students," she said. "We urge parents, if they have any concerns, to let us know since it is our responsibility to ensure the students' safety."

She said a memo was given to all bus drivers to remind them of the proper procedures for ventilating buses on hot days.