District hints about enrollment changes at Benson HS

PORTLAND, Ore. -- There could soon be some changes to Benson High School's enrollment cap.

At Monday night's Portland Public School Board meeting, plans were announced to discuss changes to Benson High's enrollment cap.

That would be good news for parents and students who've found the school difficult to get into.

The enrollment cap was instituted as part of the draw down in 2011. The goal of that draw down was to try and balance student population numbers at other area high schools. That cap has had a different effect though, leaving some 200 freshman out of Benson for the past couple of years.

"What we had established was three years into implementation of our high school system design, we would again revisit the cap, and we are at that moment," Superintendent Carole Smith said.

The next board meeting will be held January 6th.