Diverters cause confusion on Clinton

0110 clinton.png

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Traffic diverters pushing cars away from Southeast Clinton Street are getting mixed reviews from neighbors.

Southeast Clinton Street is a bicycle greenway, the city's goal is for it to have less than 2,000 cars a day using it. Recently estimates have that number about 50 percent higher.

"This is good if people respect it," said bicyclist Jim Nadir. "It's a good start. It'd be nice if the just excluded auto traffic completely."

Sunday was the first full day of the diverters being put in place.

"It's about as ugly as anything you could put in," said Robert Peterson, who lives a block away.

"You constantly see a conflict," Doug Deroy said about bikes and cars trying to coexist on the greenway. "We'll see what happens but it seems like one step might work."

Neighbors came by throughout the day to get a look at them. The diverters don't totally block cars from going through, and many cars snaked around the barriers.

"It's not done as much as they hoped it would do," said Peterson.

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