Dog helps family escape house fire

OAK GROVE, Ore. - A family escaped a house fire in Oak Grove Monday night after their dog woke them up to let them know something was wrong.

Julie Cosner said her dog Fullby was out in the back yard for the night and he frantically scratched at the back door to wake the family up just after 10 p.m.

"I ran to the back door and he was scratching at it and I saw the flames behind him," said Cosner.

Fullby escaped the fire with the Cosners, but they said their other dog died in the fire.

"We had another Mini Australian Shepherd and he died," said Cosner. "He didn't come out. He was freaked out and he ran into the bedroom."

The fire started at a wood pile in the back yard and spread to the house. Firefighters said the home was engulfed in flames when they arrived. They also found a power line down.

Firefighters said the home had working smoke detectors, but the family discovered the fire before any smoke entered the home.

The house and two cars were destroyed.