Dog recovering from surgery gives vet the slip, takes off

SALEM, Ore. - A Salem couple is hoping to be reunited with their dog 'Bo' after he slipped out of his collar at the vet's office and ran away.

Bo, who had surgery after falling ill (about three feet of his intestines were removed), has been missing since Saturday. He made his escape while being taken out for a walk to see if he could go to the bathroom.

His owners, Jason and Elizabeth Rose, along with dozens of strangers wanting to help, are looking for him. The good news is that there have been several sightings since Saturday and those who saw Bo say he looked good.

"Everybody said every time they saw him he was moving pretty quickly and moving at a pace where a normal dog would be," said Jason.

The Rose family is offering a $100 reward for help reuniting them with Bo.

"He likes to go under decks," said Jason. "That's his favorite thing to do at home. He'll go underneath our deck and he'll stay there for hours. So I imagine what he's probably doing is hiding underneath a deck somewhere, or something else that he can get under."

Bo ran away from Capitol Veterinary Clinic at 1750 12 Street S.E. in Salem and has been spotted in the area. If you see him, call Jason at (971) 273-8176, his wife at (971) 239-3204 or the clinic at (503) 399-1461.