Dog trainer's dog found safe after crash on I-5 in Washington

NEAR CENTRALIA, Wash. -- A dog handler and his wife are recovering after a bad crash on the Interstate 5 Tuesday involving a truck and trailer full of dogs. Their personal dog, a whippet named Steeler, was found safe Wednesday.

Don Rodgers, a professional dog trainer out of Shelton, was unhurt in the crash but his wife suffered a broken leg and had to be airlifted to a hospital. An assistant in the truck with them was not hurt.

Despite the severity of the crash, which crushed the front of their truck, all of the dogs on board survived and they are all being taken care of.

Steeler ran away from the crash scene. He was found behind Darigold in Chehalis, Wash. by a K-9 rescue team. He was taken to a veterinarian to be checked out.

More than a dozen people were out looking for him Tuesday without success.

One person did call to say they had seen a whippet on the loose near Highway 603. Searchers had been looking mainly in the exit 81 area of Interstate 5 in Centralia.