Don't like the smell of your neighbor's pot? Too bad!

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A KATU viewer who didn't want to make her new neighbors mad by complaining about having to smell their pot smoke in her backyard wondered if there's anything she can do about it.

It's something Oregonians may have to consider as well if voters legalize pot on the next ballot.

"This is something that needs to be talked about, people's rights are being violated by the people who have been given the right to smoke pot," she told KATU.

She posted the question to Facebook and got a lot of response, many from people who had more questions.

One response came from a different neighbor.

"She said, 'it wasn't us, I promise, we weren't even home,'" the woman said.

"Some people equate smoking pot to alcohol, but I can sit out here on my back deck and have a beer, and nobody knows the difference. You can smell the difference with pot."

Voters passed Initiative 502 legalizing marijuana use, and the only rule with it was that it can't be consumed in view of the public.

There's no mention of the smell or second-hand smoke.

"I understand it's a new smell, and some people will be a little uncomfortable with it", said Kyle Stetler, a pot smoker who works at Main Street Marijuana in Vancouver.

"There will be some people who are down on it, but eventually I think people will calm down and get used to it."

They may have to.

Vancouver police said there's no ordinance on the books that would allow them to tell someone to find a way to keep their pot smoke on their own property.

Police spokeswoman Kim Kapp said that could change.

"With any new law there are always gray areas, always evolution, things that come up that need to be addressed, questions that weren't asked until after the law was passed," she said. "We just go by the only law we have, and that's don't smoke in public and don't drive under the influence."

Kapp said if you're having a problem with a neighbors pot smoking, it may be something a neighborhood association could help out with.

Otherwise, for now, work it out with the neighbor.

Or, just live with it.