Elephant labor continues, but vets say mama is making progress

PORTLAND, Ore. - It is day five of Rose-Tu's labor at the Oregon Zoo and still no baby elephant. Despite the slow progress, veterinarians say the mama elephant's labor seems to be going smoothly.

"We're very much anticipating this is going to be very soon," said Senior Veterinarian Mitch Finnegan in a YouTube video posted by the Oregon Zoo.

Finnegan said Rose-Tu is showing subtle but normal signs of labor, including the baby elephant getting positioned in the birth canal.

On Thursday, veterinarians took ultrasounds and were able to feel the feet of the unborn elephant as they got positioned in the birth canal.

"It's five days of watching her intently," Finnegan said. "Makes it seem long and painfully slow."

"I'll feel better when the baby is on the ground running around," he added.

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