Ex-boyfriend of teen who allegedly tortured another teen shares insight about past

PORTLAND, Ore. - The ex-boyfriend of the only girl charged in allegedly kidnapping and torturing another teenager shared his insight about what she could be capable of doing.

Ronny Raymond, 18, said he only dated Jenna Montgomery, 15, for a few months last year.

Still, he said it was long enough for them to get to know each other, decide it wasn't a match, and stay friends. They met through a social media site called Meet Me in August.

"We started talking and we ended up wanting to meet up and hang out," Raymond said.

Their romance had faded by November.

"She liked smoking pot, and I am not into that kind of stuff," he said. "I told her, either choose me or choose the weed."

Raymond said after the break-up, he and Jenna remained in contact. He last saw her about a month ago.

"We hung out," he said. "She was telling me about her current boyfriend, Blue."

"Blue" is Blue Kalmbach. Raymond says he never met Kalmbach, but that Montgomery confided in him about Kalmbach.

"They talked about weird things, like how they want to cut people," Raymond said.

Now, Kalmbach, 15, is accused of carving a swastika into 16 year-old Dustyn Murrain's forehead. Court papers allege Kalmbach did it with a box cutter.

Montgomery is in trouble too. Court papers say she lured Murrain to a shed in S.E. Portland on Feb. 10, where Kalmbach did the cutting. Police also say Kalmbach shot Murrain in the chest, groin, and finger with a BB gun, and forced him to eat cat feces.

Kalmbach, Montgomery, and Jess Taylor, 17, are charged as adults in Murrain's kidnapping and torture. A 14-year old boy is charged too, as a juvenile.

After being held for four hours, Murrain escaped to a near-by auto shop after Montgomery and the14-year old allegedly let him go to get money and a skateboard. Court papers say the teen suspects planned the entire attack.

"I'm very disgusted," Raymond said. "I'm immensely disgusted."

Raymond told KATU he has no reason to believe Montgomery could harm anyone. He believes she got mixed up with the wrong crowd.

The teens charged in this case, including Montgomery, will stay in juvenile custody at least until they are evaluated for pre-trial release.

Murrain's family has set up a fund to help with his medical care and counseling. He's recovering from surgery to remove a BB from his groin, and he might need plastic surgery to get the swastika off of his head.