'Exciting looking' cloud in Canby not a tornado

CANBY, Ore. - Dana, a KATU viewer, sent us this great photo of a menacing-looking cloud sweeping through Canby Wednesday afternoon.

Was it a tornado?

KATU's Meteorologist Dave Salesky looked at the photo and had his doubts, because it had no signs of rotation. But to get a second opinion, we sent the photo to the National Weather Service for further examination.

The NWS said the cloud certainly was "exciting looking," but determined it wasn't a tornado because, again, there were no signs of rotation.

Salesky called it a "low-hanging cumulus cloud."

A look at ViPir2 Radar showed that heavy showers were moving through the Aurora-Canby area this afternoon. But there were no signs of rotation.

Nevertheless, a great shot, Dana.

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