Facebook launches Bullying Prevention Hub

PORTLAND, Ore. - Facebook is taking a stronger stand against bullying.

On Wednesday, the company launched the Bullying Prevention Hub, a whole new division of the site dedicated to anti-bullying. It includes a Safety Center where parents and teenagers can find tools to help them learn more, discuss and report cyber bullying.

Facebook teamed up with independent charities around the world to get advice from them on how to further develop the site.

Dr. Justin Patchin has been studying cyber bullying for over 10 years and thinks that parents are an important key in today's rollout.

"I think that part of the issue here is making sure that adults are aware of the tools on Facebook to report bullying so that if a teen comes to them with a concern, that they can help guide them, help direct them in terms of using these tools," Patchin said.

There are tutorial videos that will take you through the advanced security features and new App Dashboard.

And what about Instagram, which Facebook owns? The company says those anti-bullying policies are separate. Both Instagram and Twitter have information on their sites about reporting bullying, but nothing that is as detailed as what's rolling out on Facebook.