Facebook page created to bully taken down after call from police

NEWBERG, Ore. - No one is sure who created a Facebook page to bully kids at Newberg High School, but Facebook didn't take it down until KATU News, the district and finally the police called the social media giant.

Those phone calls were enough to get Facebook's attention and have it take down a very hateful page that had been up since Saturday.

The posts on "Nancy Newberg" were so bile and profane they aren't printable.

It was frustrating for the Newberg School District.

"There's very little we can do. School let out last Thursday," said Claudia Stewart, Newberg Schools' communication coordinator.

"We have our tech department doing an investigation. Our school principals have been on the site identifying students and contacting their parents."

KATU News spoke to the district in the morning. By afternoon, Facebook had taken the page down. The heroes were Newberg police.

"We contacted Facebook and asked them to remove it, because it doesn't fit their policy," said Capt. Jeff Kosmicki of Newberg-Dundee police.

But while police are still trying to figure out who created the page, the investigation may stop there.

"We don't believe there's any crime," Kosmicki said. "Although it's very tasteless and certainly not something that we would like to see in our community. But I don't know at this point we have a crime, necessarily."

So the message, if there has to be one, may be that it's time again to remind your kids that what they do matters and what they say online has real-life consequences.

The district wants people to know that what was on the page was not what they see from most students at Newberg High School.