Family and friends remember woman killed in hit-and-run

PORTLAND, Ore. - There's no adequate comfort for family and friends of the woman hit and left for dead at West Burnside and Tichner Saturday night.

The hunt continued Wednesday for the person who hit and killed 63-year-old Nancy Schoeffler as family and friends pleaded for the killer to do the right thing and come forward.

"It's tragic. Hopefully, you're in a peace now Nancy," Keely Cade said kneeling before the roadside memorial erected at the scene.

Cade knew Schoeffler through the elderly twins she cared for.

"I'm going to miss her smile, obviously, and everything that she brought: sunshine, her laughter, her caring, her giving," she said.

The woman who gave everything of herself to others was hit by a cowardly driver who took off, abandoning her in the street where she died.

"I understand they were probably scared, but they need to do the right thing," Cade said. "The sooner they come forth, the easier it's going to be on them."

Around 11:20 Saturday night at a nearby QFC parking lot on Barnes, witnesses saw two women with blond hair in Portland Timbers gear get out of a Honda drunk and arguing.

Based on evidence, police said they now believe the car that hit Schoeffler was a black Honda Accord sedan and not a dark green one. The sedan is believed to have severe damage to the front, and the windshield is shattered.

Schoeffler was a caregiver to 95-year-old twins. The family hasn't figured out how to break the news to them yet.

From the paint chips, investigators said they believe the black Honda could have had prior damage and may have been repaired with Bondo.