Family, friends of missing Portland woman continue search

Saturday, the search for missing Portland woman Lisa Wright continued four days after some of her belongings mysteriously turned up on the St. John's bridge.

Caitlin Rademaeker has known Wright for about 10 years and is a family friend. The two chatted on the phone Monday and by Wednesday, Wright was officially missing.

According to Portland Police, the 37-year-old went for a walk by herself from her Linnton neighborhood home in NW Portland around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

At around midnight, a pile of her things (including a cell phone and glasses) were found mid-span on the north side of St Johns Bridge.

The river patrol searched the water below the bridge but nothing turned up. Investigators say there also were no reports of jumpers that evening.

"This is not like Lisa. This is not anything anyone expected Lisa to do," Rademaeker told KATU News.

Rademaeker is one of nearly a dozen friends and family members who flew up from Wright's native California to aide in the search. Saturday, they canvassed the St. Johns neighborhood, talking to neighbors and handing out fliers.

Sunday, the group plans to widen their search to area colleges and truck stops. They're asking anyone who may have seen Wright to contact Portland Police.

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