Family of man shot by police wants justice

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The family of a Portland man mistakenly shot by police wants justice.

The family of Adalberto Flores-Haro, 31, said the version of events Portland Police are giving isn't exactly what happened.

Originally, police said they got into an exchange of gunfire with Flores-Haro in the 9500 block of Woolsey Avenue at about 10 p.m. March 13. He was shot and taken to the hospital, but late Wednesday afternoon, police said they recovered a handgun at the scene but have not determined if it was fired at them.

Flores-Haro, on his doorstep at the time, was shot twice in the stomach and once in the arm, according to witnesses.

"They shot at him for no reason," said Daniel Ibarra-Grandados, the step-son of Flores-Haro. "They entered our house without a warrant, they were trying to go to a different house, they were using our backyard ... they never announced themselves as police officers. They entered our house, then they shot at him when he didn't do anything. Now they're trying to put the blame on him, saying that he shot at them, but he never did."

Ibarra-Grandados said Flores-Haro was struggling with one of the officers at their front door, so Flores-Haro grabbed their gun. Police aren't giving interviews yet about the case, but said in a statement issued that police officers identified themselves before the shooting.

The family of Flores-Haro said he was trying to protect them at the time because they thought the police were actually burglars.

"I can see my stepdad pushing someone out from our front door, he tells me to go get the gun," Ibarra Grandados said.

Family members said police didn't get Flores-Haro medical help right away. Instead, they ordered everyone, including children, out of the house at gun point.

The wife of Flores-Haro said by phone that she saw someone in their house before the shooting -- someone she thinks was a police officer. The Washington County SWAT Team was in the neighborhood at the time, helping Portland Police try to arrest a man who lives two doors down in the duplex.

A police spokesman said they're still trying to get more information as to if the police had the wrong address or whether this encounter was a unfortunate misunderstanding. However, the spokesman said, it doesn't make tactical sense that an officer would go through their house.

On Thursday, the family released a statement to the media, imploring the public to not to rush to judgment regarding the shooting.

"The stories we are hearing do not match what we have experienced. We are not discussing specifics with the media at this point. Instead we are focusing our energy on helping our husband and brother heal from his wounds. Thank you for honoring our privacy at this critical time," family members said.

Flores-Haro is in critical condition at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center.